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Best Window Covering Designs For South Facing Windows

Window Covering Designs for Homes Near Huntington Beach, California (CA) like Plantation Shutters in Bedrooms

It does not matter whether you want to hang a pair of drapes to cheer up your view, create privacy with honeycomb shades, or install some heat resistant shutters, many homeowners decorate their windows more for beauty than for functionality. However, with the right materials and the proper placement, window covering designs on your home's south-facing windows can make your home feel more comfortable and more beautiful while helping you save money on your utility bills.

Department Of Energy Says It Saves On Cooling Bills

In fact, the impact of these window coverings can be significant. According to the DOE (United States Department of Energy), merely hanging a medium-colored drape with a heat resistant backing can help reduce the amount of solar heat that enters your home by over 30 percent.


Winter and Summer Months Have Their Own Challenges

So, as the winter months begin to approach, and the suns angle drops to a southerly exposure it hit your southerly windows more directly. During the summer months, heat rises to very uncomfortable temperatures; you do not have to resort to turning on your air conditioner at full blast to get some relief from the heat. You can consider installing one or more of these window treatments instead.


Window Covering Designing Considerations

Window Covering Designs for Homes Near Huntington Beach, California (CA) like Woven Woods Shades in Sunrooms

Designing window coverings for south facing has its own challenges and concerns. The sun never stops hitting these windows for most of the daylight hours. Discovering the best choices and use of fabric, color, and the material is a choice and decision between designer and homeowner. Each person and their family members have different interests and tastes when designing the best solutions to control the heat and light control in your various rooms.

South facing windows get more heat and sun than any of the other windows in your house. It doesn't matter if they are directly south facing or south-east or south-west, it's still hot with a lot of glare. The winter sun has its challenges since the sun drops south and hits the windows even harder. Therefore, the need to have quality shutters, blinds, or draperies for year-round comfort and protection is even more critical.

North-facing windows do not necessarily need to have the same concerns because the sun only impinges on them during the summer in the morning or late afternoon. Those are times when the sun has a high angle of incidence so that a lot of the radiation gets reflected off the glass or blocked by the walls that surround the windows.

It will help reduce how much heat passes through these windows when insulating blinds or shutters are added to the windows that have a southern exposure. This makes your home more comfortable and even save on energy costs.

Window Shading Solutions

Window Shutters, Honey Comb top-down bottom-up, Roll up shades, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, draperies with heat resistant backing, and various other interior window treatments can be used on south-facing residential windows to reduce the amount of sun and heat that gets into the home. They are often used more for privacy and aesthetics purposes including preventing solar heat gain and sun glare.

An essential advantage of shading solution is they are operable. You can partially open, open or close the blinds, draperies, or shutters to suit your lighting preferences and the amount of solar radiation that is let in through the window.