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Sheer Shades

Graceful. Protective. Refined. Versatile. Thanks to the modern innovations in design and style, sheer window shades are a dynamic choice for residential window treatments. Their versatility comes from the light-control options available when using translucent textiles and their simple but refined aesthetic that can harmonize with many different décor styles and be useful in rooms throughout the home. Sheer shades can protect homes and provide privacy without compromising their graceful, ethereal feel. The soft illumination they create enhances interiors, which gives sheer shades both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers sheer shades from Blinds Plus Designs near Newport Beach, California (CA)

Shades come in all shapes and configurations. Clean edged and neat, shades can take a back seat to architectural details when up and out of the way or complement the space.

Roman shades offer the elegant folds of drapery but offer a sleeker profile and keeps fabric from pooling on the floor where it can get torn or you can trip over it. They feature internal lift cords that keep your windows looking neat and uncluttered and make your home safer for children and pets.

Roller shades feature a single piece of fabric which provides a neat and clean appearance for your windows. They are available in a large selection of colors and patterns that will perfectly complement your existing décor.

Cellular honeycomb shades provide extra insulation for your home and can even help you save your money on your energy bills. The small pockets trap air and keep it from escaping through your windows. This means that you won’t have to rely on your thermostat as much to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Sheer shadings are an amazing collection of shades that provide excellent light control, privacy, and UV protection that can keep your flooring and furniture from fading due to sun damage. This collection of shades features a combination of sheer fabrics that gently diffuse light and provides privacy for your home along with soft fabric vanes that can help block light if you need blackout shades for your home.

Natural woven shades are crafted from organic materials like bamboos, grasses, and reeds that can help you bring the beauty of the outside into your home. They feature tons of different textures, so you can choose a style that will work for your home. Because each natural material is unique, they come together to provide a truly one-of-a-kind window treatment for your home.

There are so many choices. From roller shades to honeycomb to pleated to woven wood to fabric, there's a shade to fit every room!

The Beauty and Benefits of Sheer Window Shades

Soft Illumination and Control

Control sunlight but still embrace and enjoy it with sheer window shades. The fabrics in sheer shades filter light, softly curbing the harsher elements of sunlight to create diffused illumination that is warm and welcoming. Or, when more control is needed, the opaque vanes in sheer window shades can be engaged to deflect or block light for room-darkening effects. Switching between soft illumination or light-blocking features is easy with the modern, user-friendly operating systems, including motorized and automated systems, for the ultimate convenience and control.

Privacy and Protection with a View

The ethereal looks of sheer curtains and shades hide a wide variety of high-tech features that enhance the privacy and protection provided by the window shade. With their translucent weaves, modern sheer materials can allow natural light in but obscure the view so that homeowners can enjoy natural illumination throughout their home without sacrificing privacy. The latest sheer fabrics can also protect your home, furnishing, and décor from UV damage. And while sheer window shades are guarding against UV and preventing unwanted looks in, they are still providing a gorgeous view out thanks to their engineered opacity. This helps rooms feel open and airy and creates alluring visual aesthetics within a space.

Horizontal and Vertical Applications

Sheer window shades from Hunter Douglas, Alta, and Lafayette all have both horizontal application and vertical applications, so sheer window shades can be made to suit a variety of window sizes and specialty shapes, including arches, angles, trapezoids, circles, ovals, bay windows, corner windows, and sidelights as well as doors such as French doors, patio doors, and sliding glass doors. With the extensive range of applications for sheer shades, this stylish window treatment can be useful throughout the home.

High-end Looks

Sheer curtains showcase a flowing aesthetic that reads simple yet graceful. Window shadings that mix sheer and opaque fabrics have a strong, clean look and a balanced feel that can suit modern or traditional décor. While striking on their own, sheer curtains and sheer window shadings can also be highly prized partners in layered window fashions. Their sleek profile and simple aesthetic make them compatible with many different styles of window treatments, from hardwood shutters to full, floor-to-ceiling drapery.

Top Sheer Shades from Industry Leaders

At Blinds Plus Designs, we carry only the best sheer window shades from trusted industry leaders like Hunter Douglas, Lafayette, and Alta.

Pirouette® Window Shadings sheer shades from Blinds Plus Designs near Huntington Beach, California (CA)

Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Window Shadings

The single sheer backing in Pirouette® Window Shadings allow for stellar views out while protecting residents inside from prying eyes. Their graceful maneuverability creates filtered or darkened illumination patterns for homes with easy control, and the fabric choice is rich and varied to suit a wide range of design styles. Enjoy protection from harmful UV rays with select styles of Pirouette® sheer window shades that can block up to 99% of UV rays.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shading

Using s-shaped vanes suspended between two sheer panels, Silhouette® Window Shading create fluid light control with soft, sheer illumination or room-darkening privacy. Window shades in the Silhouette® collection prioritize view-through beauty with ClearView® options for the sheer panels and the artisanal Alustra® Woven Textures® for the opaque fabric vanes.

Silhouette® Window Shading sheer shades from Blinds Plus Designs near Huntington Beach, California (CA)
Luminette® Privacy Sheers sheer shades from Blinds Plus Designs near Huntington Beach, California (CA)

Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers

A vertical style of sheer shades with the precision and maneuverability of vertical blinds and the flowing aesthetic of drapery. These sheer shades are exact in their movement (with up to 180° of light control) and striking with a chic and streamlined visual aesthetic. Opt for additional fabric by the yard to craft custom accessories to further ingrain the style of sheer curtains into your home’s décor.

Soft sheer shades with the latest in state-of-the-art features and customizable options for homeowners who want style, reliability, and easy use. Tenera sheer shades have motorized and certified child-safe lifting systems for safe, convenient use. They also have choices in vane size and opacities, so you can style Tenera sheer shades to suit traditional or modern interior design.

Lafayette Tenera Sheer Shadings sheer shades from Blinds Plus Designs near Huntington Beach, California (CA)
Lafayette Sheer Visions Vertical Blinds sheer shades from Blinds Plus Designs near Huntington Beach, California (CA)

Ideal for large windows or doors because of its easy yet precise maneuverability, Lafayette Sheer Visions Vertical Blinds bring light control and style to residential or commercial spaces. Choose from durable PVC vanes or fabric vanes wrapped in exquisite sheer fabrics for window shades that marry the flow of sheer drapery and the precise control of blinds.

The unique anti-moire design of Alta Window Shadings ensures that throughout your home, from any angle, the view through your sheer window shades will showcase the best visuals with no wavy distortion. Alta’s translucent or light-dimming sheer window shades have both horizontal and vertical applications with a dynamic color palette to choose from as well as automated operating systems.

Alta Window Shadings and sheer shades from Blinds Plus Designs near Huntington Beach, California (CA)

Home Consultations for Sheer Curtains and Shades

At Blinds Plus Designs, we bring the showroom to you and offer free in-home consultations with a design expert. See how the actual window shade fabrics look in your home, review the different brands and features, and even have your windows professionally measured with no hassle for you. Contact Blinds Plus Designs today to request a consultation to talk about upgrading to sheer window shades in your home. Blinds Plus Designs serves the greater Orange County area in southern California, including Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Seal Beach, Corona Del Mar, and Huntington Beach, CA.