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Vertical Blinds

If your home has patio doors, sliding glass doors, or wide expansive windows, finding a window covering can be more of a challenge. That’s where vertical blinds come in. These blinds offer the timeless look and feel of Venetian blinds but in a more helpful orientation for your sliding glass doors. During your complimentary consultation, our design specialist will combine your design ideas and functionality needs to find a vertical blind solution made just for you and your home.

Sliding Glass Door Blinds from Alta at Blinds Plus Designs near Huntington Beach, California (CA)

Material Options

Our vertical blinds are either vinyl/PVC or fabric, and each offers different benefits.

Vinyl and PVC

Vinyl and PVC (a type of vinyl) are great material options for your patio door blinds. Vinyl vanes are built to last, and the material resists warping, fading, peeling, and discoloring. These materials are also a fantastic choice for higher humidity areas as their nonporous surfaces hold up against moisture. Vinyl blinds for sliding glass doors are also easier to clean than their counterparts. Vertical blinds with these vanes can be wiped down with a cloth and even scrubbed with soapy water. Vinyl vanes also offer several color and texture options for customization.


There is no better choice than fabric vanes when it comes to variety. If you want your vertical blinds to match your decor perfectly, these are a great option. They are also excellent for creating a contrasting pop of color or for turning your windows into a work of art. With over 100 different color and pattern options available, you are sure to find a fabric style that brings you joy. Another benefit to fabric vanes is that they are available in several different widths. Narrower vanes allow more light in and are lower profile when open, while wider vanes give you more space for patterns and create a more elegant look for your patio door blinds.

Vane Shapes

Aside from the benefits listed above, your material choice also affects the shape of the vane.

Flat Vanes

Both fabric vanes and vinyl vanes are available in a flat shape. The flat vane stacks very neatly when completely open. When closed, these vertical blind vanes also allow a full 180 degrees of rotation and light control. Free hang fabric vanes, weighted at the bottom, are a great flat vane option, and they allow light to filter into your home gently.

Curved Vanes

Curved or arched vanes provide a similar amount of light control as flat vanes. They are also available in vinyl and select brands as a fabric option when the fabric is attached to groovers. The groovers have the added benefit of giving the exterior of your window treatment a neutral appearance no matter what your interior fabric choices are. This means you could decorate every window in a wildly different pattern and all that would be seen from the street was a neutral cream. Curved vanes provide better coverage when closed than flat vanes, making them better for blocking out light.

S-Curve Vanes

These vanes are the top choice for energy efficiency, available only in our vinyl and PVC vertical blinds. The interlocking design of S-Curve vanes blocks out the most light and creates pockets of air that help maintain the temperature inside of your home. These vanes can also be oriented to the left or right to give your vertical blinds the perfect light-filtering angle.


In a home with pets and small children, safety is critical. Each of our brands offers options that increase the safety of your vertical blinds. Several operation choices eliminate the danger of tangled cords. You can opt for cordless wand operation or even automation and motorization. In addition to removing cords, we have flame-retardant material options that help give you peace of mind.

Our Brands

All three of the brands we work with offer beautiful vertical blinds for sliding glass doors. They each provide top-quality products that are sure to be a lovely addition to your home.

Alta Vertical Blinds

Available in smooth and textured vinyls and rich fabric weaves, these vertical blinds make for a soaring style in the home. With 134 swatch options, there is sure to be something that fits your style. Alta offers three stacking options, right, left, or a center split that stacks on both sides. A center split is an excellent option for large windows that don’t open as they provide the beauty of drapery but are much easier to care for.

Vertical Blinds for Patio Doors from Alta at Blinds Plus Designs near Huntington Beach, California (CA)
Vertical Blinds for Patio Doors from Lafayette at Blinds Plus Designs near Huntington Beach, California (CA)

Vertical Blinds

With five different fabric opacity options, Vertical Blinds offer a superior level of light filtration and privacy options. Their PVC vanes come in over 150 color and texture options, including everything from bright colors to woodgrain appearance. They also have the most extensive collection of flame retardant fabrics for increased safety.

Window Shadings

These seamless sheer vertical blinds combine soft, translucent fabrics with PVC vanes for privacy. Also available in blackout options. This combination gives you a beautiful, warm, filtered light. All function is covered here where the elegant look of drapery is paired with the added light control of a traditional vertical blind.

Panel Tracks

These vertical blinds feature the widest fabric vanes we offer. They are the peak of elegance, and their beautiful flowing design makes them an attractive choice for traditional and modern aesthetics.

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At Blinds Plus Designs™, we believe in customer service above all else. That is why we bring the showroom to your living room with our in-home consultations. Let us show you our vertical blind options next to the windows and sliding glass doors using them. You can contact us online to schedule. We also have a collection of design ideas if you need inspiration. We proudly serve Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Seal Beach, and Corona Del Mar, CA.